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The stabilization of concrete slab roads

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Old roads with a concrete slab pavement that has been in service for several decades are often subject to step faulting, which may result in vibrations. This distress can originate in the lack of a base layer or in the lack of stability of that layer, which is often associated with poor drainage or a weak subgrade. In old roads, this is an “ageing phenomenon” which can often be ascribed to open joints or to very old age with consequent long-term traffic loading. In younger roads, the cause of step faulting and slab rocking needs to be investigated before making repairs.

Vibration-controlled stabilization of concrete slabs for durable asphalt overlays with anticracking layers

This project (1st August 2007 through 31st July 2010) was funded bij Flemish Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT), and was completed jointly by the University of Leuven (KUL) and BRRC. The experimental field research for this project was carried out for the greater part on regional road N9 between Ghent and Eeklo (Belgium).
The project comprised several research actions.