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Techniques for reduced-temperature asphalt production and their impact on asphalt performance

A highy topical subject in the contribution of road construction to sustainable development is the production of asphalt mixtures at lower temperatures (reduced-temperature asphalt, RTA), because of the advantages from the energy, environmental and engineering points of view. Within a project on European test methods for bituminous mixtures and binders that was initiated by the Belgian Bureau for Standardization (NBN) and aims among other things at improvements with a view to sustainable development, BRRC has undertaken to closely monitor the recent developments and achievements in the field of RTA, both in Belgium and abroad. This includes the following aspects:

Forgiving road

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About one fifth of all traffic accidents in Belgium are collisions with obstacles off the carriageway. Generally a single vehicle is involved in these.
However, there is a considerable difference in severity of the consequences of such accidents. The risk of death after a collision with an obstacle off the carriageway is at least twice as high as the average risk of being killed in a traffic accident. And the risk of serious injuries is still at least 60 % higher than on average.


Speed control by improving road legibility – Self-explaining road concepts

It is generally accepted that human error is involved in a good many road accidents. Although education, awareness and enforcement are important tools in reducing the number of accidents, it is equally crucial that the road environment and the vehicle should be adapted to the limitations of human abilities.


Space – Speed Adaption Control by Self-Explaining Roads

The objective of the SPACE project was to identify solutions that offer the greatest potential safety gains. A literature review was made for that purpose, and a panel of experts evaluated a number of promising treatments by means of interactive visual tools and through experiments in a driving simulator.

Extraction and recovery of binders from bituminous mixtures prepared with polymer-modified bitumens

This four-year project (July 2006 – June 2010) was funded by the Belgian Bureau for Standardization (NBN). Its objective was:

  • to improve the procedures for the extraction (with a continuous flux centrifuge) and recovery (with a rotary evaporator) of binders from bituminous mixtures prepared with polymer-modified bitumens (PmBs) (EN 12967-1 and -3);
  • to study and improve the procedure for the determination of binder content by ignition (EN 12697-39).