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STARs (Scoring Traffic at Roadworks)

The aim of STARs project was to optimize network availability, road worker safety and road user safety during road works. The objective was to develop a methodology to score road work schemes on these three interdependent risk areas which are usually considered in isolation, and to produce a practical tool for use particularly by contractors and contracting authorities in planning and assessing road work schemes and setting contractor targets. To achieve this objective, three risk equations for performance at road works have been developed and included in the STARs Evaluation Tool, together with a Multicriteria Solver Module to transform the scores into a “STARs” scale. This scale is used to produce an unbiased rating of individual management strategies.


BeMoR net (Belgian Mobility Research Network): a study into the feasibility of a forum for scientific consultation on Belgian mobility and transport research

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The Belgian Federal Science Policy Service asked BRRC to evaluate the usefulness of setting up a forum for consultation on Belgian transport and mobility research.

The safety and management of road works

The everyday life of road workers is often fraught with danger. High travel speeds and disrespectful drivers are an unwanted component to the environment of road workers, making it difficult for them to accomplish their tasks. High speed means there is little time for the driver to detect the work zone and, in event of an accident, the consequences will be more severe.


BRoWSER (Baselining Road Works Safety on European Roads)

After developing a harmonized frameword for collecting data on accidents (due to interaction with traffic) involving road workers, the BRoWSER project will provide road authorities with the necessary tools for collecting and presenting such data.


Long-distance transport and comodality

In a globalizing economy with increasing goods transport over long distances, each transport mode must endeavour to optimize its performance (comodality) under the growing constraints of law and the environment.