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The scope of BRRC’s ISO 17025 accreditation by BELAC

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Since the year 2000, BRRC has been recognized as an accredited laboratory by BELAC.

BELAC is a Belgian accreditation body supervised by the Belgian Federal Public Service (FPS) Economy, SME, Self-Employed and Energy, which acts as an impartial third party to assess whether a given laboratory operates in accordance with the reference document in force and delivers an accreditation certificate if the laboratory passes the audit procedure.


Permeable block paving

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Permeable block pavings play an important part in an integrated water management policy, which aims at minimizing flooding risks by keeping water in place for as long a time as possible. Using a concept of full-depth permeability from the surface to the subgrade, rainwater is buffered (preferably) in the subbase layer, and allowed to infiltrate into the subgrade soil if possible. Permeable block pavings are used as buffering and infiltration systems for parking areas, squares, low-volume roads, cycling tracks, etc.

Measurement of surface permeability in situ: double ring test

This test is used to determine the permeability of a water-permeable structure in situ. The apparatus consists mainly of two rings (Ø. 50 and 70 cm), a continuous water supply unit and an automatic system to maintain a constant water level.

Measurement of permeability in situ: open-end test

In this method a constant head of 1 m of water is maintained on the soil. By continuously measuring the water to be added over a duration of at least 20 min, it is possible to determine the permeability of the subgrade soil.