PIARC’s multilingual terminology database

To understand and make onself understood. A must for professionals in any branch, especially during international contacts.

PIARC’s multilingual terminology database may be a useful tool to achieve that.

Surf to http://www.piarc.org/en/Terminology-Dictionaries-Road-Transport-Roads/ (no login or password required).

Two types of search are possible: a term search and a search per theme. The first can be made though all the data fields (including that of the definitions), or be restricted to the term itself or to the term and its synonyms. All searches can be made with one source language and two target languages selected from the thirty-six languages currently available in the database.

The nine dictionaries formerly contained in the database have now been merged into one single PIARC Road Dictionary, which is under completion (mainly by removing double entries).

Belgian users will find it particularly interesting that the most important two source dictionaries, i.e., the PIARC Technical Dictionary of Road Terms (± 1 800 concepts) and the PIARC Lexicon of Road and Traffic Engineering (± 15 000 concepts), have been copied into the new PIARC Road Dictionary with their full translations into Dutch.

Proposals for additions and/or improvements are always welcome.