The TRID database, the ultimate search tool for transport experts


TRID [TRB Database & ITRD Database] is the largest and most complete documentary resource in the world for searching information in the field of transport.

Since January 2011, the TRID (database has provided access to more than one million multilingual records worldwide. The TRB thesaurus (in English) and the multilingual ITRD thesaurus (in English, French, German, and Spanish) have been correlated for that purpose.

Nearly five million visitors from two hundred and thirty-seven different countries have already opened more than seven million search sessions in this database.


You can make a simple (“Google”) search or an advanced search with combined terms, and enter search criteria. A selection of the most recent reports by mode of transport (Aviation, Highway, Marine Transportation, Motor Carriers, Pedestrians and Bicyclists, Pipelines, Public Transportation, Railroads) can be listed by a single mouse click.

TRID provides access to the full text of copyright-free works, or a link to the website of the publisher (e.g., ScienceDirect of Elsevier) or to a collective catalogue (e.g., WorldCat) for more information about the availability of a work or further searches.

TRID data can be printed, saved, downloaded, or e-mailed. Subscribing to RSS feeds to receive notification of the latest research records, new projects, etc. is also possible.

Quickly go to and discover this on-line tool to search for road research records.

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