Tomorrow’s Road Infrastructure Monitoring & Management (TRIMM)


Core Tasks (1)


The TRIMM project (acronym of Tomorrow’s Road Infrastructure Monitoring & Management) was completed late in 2014. It was funded under the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research (FP7, 2007-2013). Its objective was to strengthen the role of condition monitoring in road management and to highlight its beneficial effects. The condition of a road network is, in fact, decisive for its level of service to road users. Maintenance is required to preserve or improve the condition of bridges and roads.

The official results are available on the TRIMM website, in the form of deliverables. They relate to three topics, each of which was the subject of a separate work package:

  • the implementation of monitoring data in asset management systems (AMS) (WP 2);
  • advanced bridge monitoring techniques (WP3);
  • advanced road monitoring techniques (WP4).

BRRC was in charge of task 4.4 Monitoring road functionality in real time with probe vehicle data.