Visual assessment of defects in a slurry surfacing (according to NBN-EN 12274-8)

This test method points out how defects of slurry surfacing can be visually assessed. Defects in slurry surfacing include bleeding and fatting up, delamination, loss of aggregate, wearing, lane joint gaps, rutting, slippage, corrugation, bumps and ridges, and groups of small defects or small repetitive defects.

They can be assessed in two ways: qualitatively and quantitatively.

A qualitative method will assess the rate of damage by simple rules. The quantitative method will measure the defects in much more detail.

After further investigation, the Belgian mirror group for CEN TC227/WG2 has decided to use the qualitative method in Belgium. This has been laid down as such in the standard tender specifications of the three regions in Belgium.

Description of the measurement method
Measurements are performed by the qualitative method described in NBN-EN 12274-8 Visual assessment of defects.