Technological consulting service VALOWALL

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Since January 2014, BRRC has been involved in the technological consulting service VALOWALL, which is the successor to the former consulting services VALDECHE and VALODECH (see Bulletin CRR 85, p. 11-13).

VALOWALL centres on the valorization of industrial wastes (including construction wastes) and excavated soils and the decontamination of contaminated sites in Wallonia.

This consulting service uses the principle of the Lansink scale (hierarchy in dealing with waste, ranging from prevention over the valorization of materials and valorization with energy recovery to inerting) and makes it possible to promote recycling as a whole, as part of the effort to meet the requirements set in European directive 2008/09/EC.

The primary missions of this service are, therefore, to increase the awareness of, give technical aid to, and promote innovation in the various enterprises concerned, so as to give an added value to all the wastes within its scope of operation.

As the topic cuts across various branches of industry, it has been necessary to create a synergy between different research centres, which have grouped among other things in RECYWALL.

RECYWALL is an economic interest group specialized in the valorization of industrial wastes. This group, in which several research centres work together, is also active in waste processing and in the ceramics, construction, coating, plastics, textile, glass and chemical sectors.