Sectoral operator for E227 Road Materials

Ever since CEN/TC 227 Road Materials was formed in the late eighties, that is, before there were any plans to reorganize the standardization landscape in Belgium, BRRC has been a pioneer and an active participant in this committee. The main focus at the time was on the activities of WG1 Bituminous Mixtures and WG2 Surface Dressing, Sprays and Slurry Surfacing (incorporating Microsurfacing).

A small group monitored the development of methods of measurement in WG5 Surface Characteristics right from the beginning. Since BRRC was recognized as sectoral operator for E227, work has been centred on disseminating information about those methods.

With the reorganization of the standardization landscape in Belgium, the new Bureau for Standardization (NBN) delegated a number of tasks to sectoral operations. In this context, BRRC took the logical step to put itself forward as a candidate sectoral operator for road equipment.

In March 2007, BRRC was recognized by NBN as sectoral operator for CEN/TC 227. Since then, depending on interest and available expertise the activities of WG3 Materials for Concrete Roads including Joint Fillers and Sealants and WG4 Hydraulic Bound and Unbound Mixtures have been monitored as well, in the best possible way.

As usually in developing European standards, the trend is towards performance-oriented requirements. For some aphalt mixtures, this has resulted in leaving a choice between a performance-oriented and a more “recipe”-based approach. For surface dressing and slurry surfacing only the Type Approval Installation Test (TAIT) remains. Performance is described and evaluated from the characteristics of a test section and their development with time.

Environmental awareness has resulted in greater consideration being given to environmental aspects in European standards. That is why WG6 Sustainability is working on test methods to determine the emission of noxious substances from road construction materials.

The scope of CEN/TC 227 has recently been extended to include the development of a procedure for the assessment and classification of the acoustic performance of road pavements.