BRoWSER (Baselining Road Works Safety on European Roads)

After developing a harmonized frameword for collecting data on accidents (due to interaction with traffic) involving road workers, the BRoWSER project will provide road authorities with the necessary tools for collecting and presenting such data.

Moreover, the rules for the organization of works and the layout of work zones on European roads will be studied, with a view to investigating the links between work zone layout and accidents.


Since the beginning of the project, the types of data to be collected for the purpose of the project were listed and the feasibility of collecting those data was investigated in a three-month trial phase.

As the project continues, efforts are centred on the development of a concept for the tool to collect, analyse and report accident data. Concurrently, the partners are analysing the standards, rules and practice guidelines from various European countries in order to detect similarities, differences or even deviations from the most widespread practices in signing and equipping work zones. The objective of this second part is to try and find realistic possibilities for harmonization, which would benefit the legibility of road work sites.

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