ASAP (Appropriate Speed saves All People)

The ASAP project addresses the issues of speed management in work zones. Speed management of traffic in work zones is important for the safety of both the road user and road worker. A work zone will introduce deviations from normal travel in a discrete road section and appropriate speed is needed to ensure that the driver can navigate the vehicle through the work zone, particularly if there are abrupt lateral deviations from general road design standards.


The ASAP project started on 1st February 2013, for a duration of two years. During that time, the partners were able not only to draw up a state of the art on speed management methods, but also to investigate their effectivenes through a comparative analysis of available data on speeds and accidents at a few road works. Field tests (showcases) in the Czech Republic and Belgium and a study in a driving simulator in Italy were performed as well, to try a few measures identied as promising during the project.

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