Field performance requirements for road markings

It is important that throughout their service life road markings:

  1. should have the right colour (only white or yellow allowed in Belgium);
  2. should be visible to the road user under all conditions, i.e.:
    • in dry weather and in daylight or under road lighting (Qd);
    • in dry weather under vehicle headlamp illumination (RL);
    • in wet weather under vehicle headlamp illumination;
    • in rainy weather under vehicle headlamp illumination;
  3. should have adequate skid resistance (SRT value) to prevent the skidding of vehicles.

The performance requirements and the test methods are described in standard EN 1436:2007.

BRRC’s technical unit SMN has its own laboratory to test road markings for compliance with field performance requirements in terms of Qd, RL and SRT.