Space – Speed Adaption Control by Self-Explaining Roads

The objective of the SPACE project was to identify solutions that offer the greatest potential safety gains. A literature review was made for that purpose, and a panel of experts evaluated a number of promising treatments by means of interactive visual tools and through experiments in a driving simulator.

Work process in the SPACE project
A number of treatments were identified that offer a potential (reported in the literature) for improving the legibility of infrastructure and eliciting safe speed behaviour, especially when approaching bends or entering built-up areas (D1: Self-Explaining Roads: Literature Review and Treatment Information). Some of those treatments were filmed on site and submitted to several panels of experts (D2: Methods to Evaluate International SER Treatments; D3: Self-Explaining Road Treatments – Report from Expert Workshop).

Finally, a more qualitative evaluation of certain treatments that can be used to encourage motorists to adapt their speeds to curve severity was successfully completed by making experiments in a driving simulator (D4: Report on Driving Simulator Experiment).

The final report and the full results from the project can be accessed at