Pilot4Safety (Pilot project for common EU Curriculum for road safety experts: training and application on Secondary Roads)

On 19th November 2008, the European Parliament and Council issued directive 2008/96/CE on road infrastructure safety management. This directive provides for a series of safety checks, as well as for the training and qualification of road safety auditors.

Although it applies to the whole trans-European Road Network (TERN), it must be admitted that the highest numbers of fatalities occur on the so-called "secondary roads". To overcome this barrier, the Pilot4Safety project aimed to apply the directive to a number of selected secondary roads in the European regions represented in the project.

The idea was to share good practices for road safety audits and inspections and to define common agreed training curricula and tools for the professional qualification of road safety personnel. Safety audits and inspections were carried out in the field, to check whether such qualifications could be mutually recognized in European regions.

The actual objectives of the project were:

  • to develop curricula and tools for the auditing and inspection of secondary roads in Europe, suited to the needs of regional/local authorities;

  • to reach an agreement between the involved regions about the acceptance of a common training curriculum and the exchange of safety experts;

  • to carry out one road safety audit and one road safety inspection on a project and on a road stretch selected in each participating region: each safety team had to include at least one safety expert from another region.

The final goal of the project was to have a number of European regions apply the directive in the same way on their secondary roads so as to achieve reductions in their numbers of road fatalities, in accordance with the specific EU targets. In this way the project was to contribute to the implementation of coherent safety procedures on the whole road network, both at the member state and the European level.

You can find information about the project here.

You can find the final results and conferences here; examples: Safety prevention manual for secondary roads; Curriculum for road safety experts and Training plan; Report on practical RSA, Report on practical RSI.