BRRC as a sectoral operator for CEN/TCs 226 Road equipment, 227 Road materials and 396 Earthworks

On 20th March 2007 the board of directors of the Belgian Bureau for Standardization (NBN) formally reconized BRRC as a sectoral operator for the European technical committees CEN/TC226 Road equipment and CEN/TC227 Road materials.

Late in 2009 BRRC was accepted, together with the Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI), as a sectoral operator for the newly formed CEN/TC396 Earthworks.

Whereas in the reshaped standardization landscape NBN has retained its status of national contact point for European and international standardization bodies, national activities are outsourced to representative independent partners, the so-called sectoral oparators. By doing so, the government intends to strengthen the participation of all parties involved (industry, public authorities, research institutions), etc.

Each recognized sectoral operator is responsible for one or more standardization commissions. These act as Belgian mirror groups for the European or international technical committees within the recognition scope of the sectoral operator. The members are kept informed on the progress of European and international activities and allowed to give their comments on draft documents in due time. The standardization commission also appoints the experts for participation in European or international meetings.

The operation of the standardization committees is governed by internal regulations that consist of three parts:

  • a general part imposed by NBN;
  • a common part for all sectoral operators in the construction branch;
  • a specific part for the subject areas managed by BRRC.

The tables below review the various working groups in the three CEN/TCs for which BRRC has been recognized as sectoral operator.

CEN/TC226 - Road Equipment
WG1 Road Restraint Systems
WG2 Horizontal Road Signs
WG3 Vertical Signs & Variable Message Signs
WG4 Traffic Control
WG5 Street Lighting (liaison met CEN/TC169 - Light and lighting)
WG6 Traffic Noise Reducing Devices
WG9 Clockwork parking meters and automatic car park ticket dispensers
WG10 Break-away safety
WG11 Variable message signs


CEN/TC227 - Road Materials
WG1 Bituminous mixtures
WG2 Surface dressing and slurry surfacing
WG3 Materials for concrete roads including joint fillers and sealants
WG4 Hydraulic bound and unbound mixtures (including byproducts and waste materials)
WG5 Surface characteristics


CEN/TC396 - Earthworks
WG1 General Matters
WG2 Classification systems for earthwork purposes and characterisation of excavatability
WG3 Construction procedures
WG4 Quality control and monitoring
WG5 Hydraulic fill


Toute personne souhaitant participer à l’un ou plusieurs des CT et WG mentionnés ci-avant ou qui souhaite simplement être informée de l’avancement des travaux de normalisation peut s’adresser à k [dot] redant [at] brrc [dot] be (K. Redant).

Naturellement, il vous est possible d’adresser toutes vos demandes d’information ou propositions de soutien en matière de normalisation et de marquage CE à l’antenne normes du CRR.