Climate change – Stakes for road construction – PIARC’s declaration of intent for a common approach

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The environment and the attendant stakes for road construction have been a topic of major interest to BRRC for many years.

Sustainable development and sustainable road construction through innovation are the vital lead for all the activities of our research centre. Furthermore, the environment is a specific area of expertise in our Environment – Concrete Roads – Geotechnics – Surface Characteristics Division and the central theme of our Technical Committees 2 Sustainability and 6 Durability. Sustainable mobility is addressed in our Mobility – Safety – Road Management Division and in our Technical Committee 1A Mobility.

On the occasion of the 25th PIARC Congress in Seoul in November 2015 the World Road Association announced a few initiatives and actions for a common approach to climate challenges, in cooperation with 121 member countries. They fitted in with the LC2RTI (Low Carbon Road and Road Transport Initiative) of the Association to contribute to the objectives of the COP21 Conference in Paris in 2015, like all the other branches of transport.

On behalf of the Belgian road sector, BRRC and the Belgian representatives to the PIARC technical committees fully support this effort!

The full English text of the declaration can be accessed below.

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