Iatroscan MK-6s TLC-FID Analyser

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The Centre carries out specific laboratory and field tests, as well as condition surveys of roads and motorways, on request (at fixed rates).


Iatroscan (picture: MK-6s TLC-FID Analyser) is a chromatographic analysis technique for the characterization of bituminous binders. This technique is based on the separation and quantification of the main components of bitumens (saturated compounds, aromatic fractions, resins, asphaltenes). This affords better understanding of the chemical composition of bitumens (origin, compatibility with polymer additives, etc.) and of modifications induced by external factors such as exposure to air (e.g., during the ageing of binders). The technique can also be used for the quantification of additives in (mastic) asphalt produced at a reduced temperature.

Iatroscan is complementary to other techniques for rheological or mechanical characterization available at BRRC.