Groupe de travail sur les véhicules plus longs et plus lourds (VLL) en Belgique

This working group was formed in 2005, at the request of the authorities in charge of managing road infrastructure in Belgium. It gathered representatives from the three regions of the country (MOW for the Flemish Region, Brussels Mobility department for the Brussels Capital Region, and SPW for the Walloon Region), the Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport and a few research institutes (ITLB, BRSI, BRRC).

Its task was to thoroughly investigate the issues raised by LHVs (also called super trucks, super lorries, mega-lorries, or road trains) in Belgium. In 2007, the working group issued a final report discussing in detail all the aspects involved in the use of such vehicles, viz. the main legal, economic, social and fical aspects, the interest shown by carriers, and the impact on mobility, infrastructure, the environment and road safety.
Furthermore, the working group investigated the necessary technical and regulatory conditions for setting up experiments with LZVs, and defined procedures for monitoring and evaluating them.