Pilot project on fringe-of-day deliveries (PIEK)

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To allow less disruptive loading and unloading operations in urban areas (less noise, lower emissions of noxious substances, fewer blind spot accidents, etc.), Flanders Logistics has provided an opportunity for Flemish cities and municipalities to participate in pilot projects, together with the distribution firms Colruyt and Delhaize. Eight cities accepted the offer to take part in the first Flemish “Piek” study.

In cooperation with the consultancy firms Traject and Acoustical Engineering, the Mobility – Safety – Road Management of BRRC carried out research for this study, commissioned by the Flemish public authorities. The object of this research was to investigate the social and business-economic feasibility of making deliveries to shops at fringe-of-day times (just before the morning peak an after the evening peak) with PIEK-certified equipment (i.e., equipment quieter than 65 dB(A) and in some cases even 60 dB(A)). The research pursued a double objective:

  • to examine to what extent low-noise equipment can actually be used to make deliveries to supermarkets early in the morning or late in the evening, without exceeding the noise standards or without causing complaints from local residents;
  • to calculate to what extent late evening or early morning deliveries can lead to efficient transport with lower fuel consumption rates and, consequently, lower emissions of noxious substances.

In cooperation with Colruyt and Delhaize, a pilot project on quiet and sustainable deliveries to shops was conducted in nine cities for a few months. Sixteen supermarkets were involved. Deliveries were made early in the morning and late in the evening, using special low-noise and sustainable equipment. The project yielded such positive results that a sequel (“Piek2”) now involves fifty-eight Flemish cities and municipalities and five distribution firms cooperating with the Flemish minister Crevits to achieve quiet and sustainable urban distribution.

All the study results can be accessed at http://www.flanderslogistics.be/piek/