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BeMoR net (Belgian Mobility Research Network): a study into the feasibility of a forum for scientific consultation on Belgian mobility and transport research

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Through a feasibility study with the acronym BeMoR net, BRRC investigated the usefulness of setting up a forum of scientific consultation on transport and mobility research. Bilateral interviews were conducted to explore the most appropriate orientation for such a forum. The study was prompted by several findings, including:

  • the lagging participation of Belgian scientists in international research;
  • the limited involvement of Belgium in establishing the European research agenda;
  • the scattered availability of research results in the field of mobility and transport;
  • the fact that transport and mobility research is reactive rather than based on strategic vision.

The study yielded the following results:

  • survey of Belgian organizations involved in mobility and transport: overview diagrams, data bank in Excel, example sheet;
  • survey of international institutions holding out opportunities for research in the relevant area: overview diagrams;
  • survey of research: data bank in Excel – under construction, example sheet;
  • view on metadata banks / forums: survey of present initiatives, survey of past initiatives;
  • operating principles / starting points for the forum to be set up: general considerations, tasks;
  • survey of scenarios built for the forum: “virtual forum”, “physical” forum;
  • preferred scenario for the organizations surveyed, for the monitoring committee, for the contractor (recommendation).

The final report can be accessed at (Database of research projects FEDRA), under the heading “Belgian Mobility Research network (BeMor net)” – Research project SD/TM/801 (Research action SD).