Less disruption and annoyance during road works

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Road works are a virtually inevitable source of disruption for traffic and annoyance for roadside residents. This issue deserves full attention in road construction. By acting on the right factors it is actually possible to abate disruption and annoyance. As an impartial knowledge centre, BRRC actively participates in various research projects in this topical subject area.

The concern for less disruption and annoyance during road works is in keeping with BRRC’s concern for sustainable development. The issue is becoming more and more important to society as a whole, to all types of road user and to all actors in road construction. The image of works, the continuous growth of road traffic and the contribution that road construction ought to make to sustainable development are all solid reasons for serious efforts to abate disruption and annoyance.

BRRC was a partner in the temporary association “Minder Hinder Vlaanderen”, which developed guidelines and a test for a uniform and transparent approach to the assessment and abatement of disruption and annoyance during both major and minor road works, with variations depending on the type of road.

These tools can be used on the forum developed that purpose (www.minderhinderplatform.be). The forum provides information from various points of view (contractors, road manager, initiator, etc.) on how to provide for disruption and annoyance abatement in each stage of a project (design, development, construction, evaluation): the scenario can be consulted, the test questionnaire can be completed on-line and good practices can be viewed.