About "Standardization – Certification – Regulation"

For many years the Belgian Road Research Centre (BRRC) has initiated, or been a major participant in, Belgian mirror groups, European working groups and international pre-normative comparative research with a view to developing or steering new technical specifications and certification by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the International Institute for Standardization (ISO).

BRRC has been recognized by the Belgian Bureau for Standardization (NBN) as a federal sectoral operator for the European technical committees CEN/TC 226 Road Equipment, CEN/TC 227 Road Materials and CEN/TC 396 Earthworks.

With support from the FPS Economy, our standards support office provides SMEs in the road branch with all the information they need on standardization, through the channels of a dedicated website (http://nan.brrc.be) and our quarterly journal Bulletin CRR / OCW Mededelingen. It is active in all the road-related areas within the competence of BRRC.

We participate in the continuous adjustment of national specifications and the standard tender specifications in the three Regions of Belgium, and provide the branch in due time with correct information on new regulations.