About "Assistance to the profession"

Assistance to the profession is a core task of BRRC

The assistance given by Belgian Road Research Centre (BRRC) to professionals takes the forms of technical assistance, technological consulting and documentary assistance.

To professionals often seeking quick and effective solutions to specific problems, we offer technical assistance in all the areas of activity of the Centre.

In addition, for specific topical subjects we set up various technological consulting (TC) units at the service of all Belgian enterprises – especially SMEs –, with support from the Regions.

Through these contacts the technological consultants can stimulate the use of innovative materials and techniques and better assess the needs for new, more thorough or more targeted research in the sector.

Our documentation branch gives documentary assistance by consulting national and international databases and granting access to our library. This library offers a tremendous collection of specialized literature, which is unique in Belgium. In addition to covering all the technical aspects of road construction it contains documents on topics such as road safety, mobility, traffic signing and environmental issues, as well as publications of a socioeconomic nature such as statistics, normative documents, etc.

We also contribute to the development of documentary research aids, databases and a quadrilingual thesaurus for the International Transport Research Documentation (ITRD).

Within the Committee on Terminology, BRRC has made a major contribution to the online multilingual terminology database of PIARC. To understand and make oneself understood is, indeed, a must for any professional in any branch – especially in the road branch, which owes its very existence to the need for communication.

With support from the FPS Economy, our standards support office provides SMEs in the road branch with all the information they need on standardization, through the channels of a dedicated website (http://nan.brrc.be) and our quarterly journal Bulletin CRR / OCW Mededelingen. It is active in all the road-related areas within the competence of BRRC.