Workshop on the Curviameter: Interpretation and Exploitation of Measurements

On January 28 and 29 2015, the Belgian Road Research Centre hosted a workshop on the Curviameter. The objective of the workshop was to bring together specialists and users of Curviameter measurement data: current and former end-users of Curviameter data, road managers and road engineers, scientists who published articles about the interpretation of Curviameter data, and persons interested in the measurement device and in the data it provides.

The first Curviameter was introduced in the 1970ies. In 2015, the BRRC had been using one for 20 years. For long – and until 2005, when the world has seen the introduction of the first “Traffic Speed Deflectometer” (TSD) – it was the fastest deflection measuring device that was in use. Moreover, it delivers a “deflection bowl”, including the “maximum deflection” and the “radius of curvature”.

This workshop provided an informal meeting with no published papers. However, all presentations can be downloaded from the list of linked documents underneath.

All members of the DaRTS-group (“Deflections at Road Traffic Speed”) were also invited. Since its first meeting in 2012, the DaRTS group has developed into a globally recognised forum in the area of continuous deflection measurements obtained with Curviameter and TSD or other “high speed” deflection measurement devices like the Rolling Wheel Deflectometer (RWD). In this way the Curviameter workshop was also intended as an opportunity for DaRTS-members to meet experts on Curviameter data and to discuss topics related to the Curviameter that may be of more general interest.

Finally, the workshop offered a good opportunity for “networking”.


Related subjects and documents

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Wanda Debauche (BRRC) Head of the Mobility, Safety and Road Management Division Words of welcome at BRRC (curviametre_REF03)

Carl Van Geem (BRRC), Jean-François Le Parc (CEBTP) 20 years of experience with the Curviameter at the BRRC - an overview (curviametre_REF04)

Dirk Jansen (BASt) German standard for the Curviameter equipment (curviametre_REF05)

Ammar Triche, Bernard Héritier (Eiffage) Monitoring roads with a Curviameter when subgrade is improved with cementitious binder: the case of the A65 motorway in France (curviametre_REF06)

José Antonio Ramos-Garcia, Fernando Sanchez Dominguez (Euroconsult) Pavement bearing capacity prediction in different sections of the Mexican Federal Road Network from Curviameter deflections (curviametre_REF07)

Jean-Michel Simonin (IFSTTAR) Performance of deflection measurement equipment and data interpretation in France (curviametre_REF08)

Adam Zofka (IBDiM) Traffic Speed Deflectometer: experiences, expectations and future developments and the role of the DaRTS and BeCaTS working groups (curviametre_REF09)

Carl Van Geem (BRRC) Back-Calculation with Curviameter data (curviametre_REF10)

Ronald Vennix (Unihorn) Backcalculation of Layer Moduli for Curviameter (curviametre_REF11)

Antoine Demolliens (APRR-AREA), Philippe Gaborit, Hervé Di Benedetto, Cédric Sauzéat (Univ. Lyon) Linear viscoelastic calculation of instrumented highway section and comparison with curviameter data (curviametre_REF12)

Rolf Rabe (BASt) Strength rating of selected sections and their variations in bearing capacity and layer thickness (curviametre_REF13)

José Antonio Ramos Garcia, Fernando Sanchez Dominguez (Euroconsult) Monitoring of the pavement construction process using Curviameter device. Different examples in Spain (curviametre_REF14)

Gonzalo Rada (AMEC Foster Wheeler) Field Evaluation of Curviametro at MnROAD Facility (curviametre_REF15)

Carl Van Geem, Alain Van Buylaere (BRRC), José Antonio Ramos Garcia, Fernando Sanchez Dominguez (Euroconsult) Comparative test between Curviameters of BRRC and Euroconsult and Quality checking of the Curviameter at BRRC (curviametre_REF16)

José Antonio Ramos GarciaFernando Sanchez Dominguez (Euroconsult) Application of the Curviameter deflection measurements in performance-based management and maintenance contracts (curviametre_REF17)