Research – Development – Innovation

Innovation through research and development is a core task of BRRC

To promote technological progress in road construction and to meet the challenges for roads in a continuously changing society, the Belgian Road Research Centre (BRRC) carries out both collective applied scientific research and specific research in areas such as more environment and energy-friendly materials and techniques, the reuse of recycled materials, permeable modular element pavements, and low-noise road surfaces. Using a multidisciplinary approach, BRRC reflects on optimum travel modes and transport networks (both for passengers and goods) to improve mobility and safety. By carrying out road safety inspections and audits and giving advice on traffic signing, BRRC contributes to legible and forgiving roads that minimize the risk of accidents and reduce their severity.

To select project topics in close keeping with the needs of the partners and the road network, priorities for research are set in consultation with the technical committees of the Centre. In addition to BRRC staff members these committees gather external professionals (contractors, road managers and experts) having a wide knowledge and experience in the field. The topics covered reflect our seven areas of activity: mobility; traffic and safety; the environment; concrete roads and pavings; asphalt roads and other bituminous applications; geomaterials and base layers; and road asset management.