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Mission – Vision – Approach

The mission of the Belgian Road Research Centre (BRRC) is to promote technological progress in road construction through research, development and knowledge transfer. As a privately initiated public utility research institute it is at the service of public and private partners (contractors and managing authorities) in the road branch. That is why the Centre closely collaborates with all other partners in the sector: producers of materials and manufacturers of equipment; inspection, certification and standardization bodies; education in all forms and at all levels; designers and consultancy firms; and inspection and testing laboratories.

Our vision, areas of activity, core tasks and human resources closely match the needs of the road branch.

In this respect we support a wide vision of the road as an essential component of a comprehensive and sustainable transportation system with due consideration to all users, the environment, and the socioeconomic context. Sustainable development through innovation is the vital lead for all the activities of the Centre.

Our activities cut across a great many disciplines – including materials, design and construction, maintenance and management, road safety, mobility, traffic signing and environmental protection – and extend over the entire Belgian territory and beyond our national borders.

BRRC has over one hundred staff with widely varying educational backgrounds that enable the Centre to form multidisciplinary teams for a comprehensive approach in performing its core tasks.

These core tasks are research and development, assistance to the profession, and knowledge transfer.