As a privately initiated public utility research institute, the Belgian Road Research Centre (BRRC) has accountable and adherent members.

An accountable member (contractor) is considered to be any natural or legal person whose main or secondary activity consists in constructing, repairing and/or maintaining roads, streets, squares, bridges and airfield runways, including all related facilities and accessories such as road signing and traffic guidance, sewerage, footways, cycle tracks and small engineering structures. Accountable members have to pay a fee of 0.8 % calculated on the total sum of all works carried out on Belgian soil. They enjoy extensive services provided by the Centre.

Ever since it was established, the Centre has been seeking strong ties not only with its accountable members (road contractors) and all road-managing authorities, but also with all the other actors in road construction (consultancy firms, the academic world, etc.). Information and assistance play a key part in this effort. That is why BRRC has created the possibility for these actors to become adherent members for a modest annual fee. This entitles them to the following services:

  1. Receiving BRRC’s publications (codes of good practice, methods of measurement, synthesis, quarterly journal Bulletin CRR / OCW Mededelingen, etc.) at no cost.
  2. Documentary assistance (maximum five times a year) through:
    1. the consultation of databases;
    2. access to our library, which offers a tremendous collection of scientific and technical documents. The library has been established in BRRC’s laboratory building at Sterrebeek, Fokkersdreef 21 and can be visited on appointment every Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. till noon and from 2 to 4.30 p.m. (Location + access route).
  3. Technical assistance in all areas within the core activities the Centre, at the hourly rate in force.
  4. Reduced rate (for all the staff of your company or organization) when registering for our workshops and training sessions.


For more information please contact Mrs d [dot] devijver [at] brrc [dot] be (Dominique Devijver) (in the morning): + 32 2 766 03 26.