The E411-E25 road works in Belgium- BRRC synthesis E41/05

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This report represents a case study of the major road works undertaken on the E411-E25 motorways in the south of Belgium. The works are being undertaken over a three year period and involve long-term operations on significant sections of two key routes.

The report concentrates on traffic management issues; it presents the evolution of the planning for the road works, the performance of the initial layout, the reasons for, and consequences of, modifications to this layout, and the relationship of the results obtained to previous experience. It describes the genesis, the chronology and the course of the road works until mid-September 2004. The traffic management issues are developed extensively, including the equipment put in place and the layout options. The report provides an abundance of data pertaining to traffic and speed, both before and during the works.

Information has been gathered on accident causation,which can be used to gain some insights into the additional risk associated with the presence of works. The many possible diversion routes are outlined, including their suitability and distinguishing features, as well as their level of adoption by the public, with an insight on mobility, accessibility and multimodality. Some possible problems and related recommendations are identified.

The report does not study the perverse effects the diverted traffic causes on the various alternative routes, like the added risks and nuisance for the regular users or the roadside residents. Nor does it analyse the road user costson these alternative routes.

Inconvenience to the user

The inconvenience to the user can be evaluated from different enclosed data in terms of:

- accidents resulting from reduced motorwaycapacity,

- delays caused by reduced motorway capacity or by incidents,

- (non-)availability of viable transport options (alternative modes, routes, traveltimes),

- delays, additional mileage and added risks incurred on alternative routes,

- added delay costs and vehicle operating costson alternative routes.

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