Safety diagnosis and audit

BRRC has been monitoring the growing interest in road safety audits and inspections for a number of years. As early as in 2002, the Centre participated in the activities of the European Road Federation (ERF).

On 29th November 2008, directive 2008/96/EG of the European Parliament and the Council of 19th November 2008 on road infrastructure safety management was published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

European directive 2008/96/EC of 19th November 2008

OBJECTIVE: to incorporate road safety in all the stages of the planning process, from the design to the management of infrastructure. This requires appropriate procedures, such as road safety audits and inspections.

Integrated system with four major tools:

  • road safety impact assessments;
  • road safety audits;
  • road safety inspections;
  • network safety management.

The directive applies to all roads which are part of the trans-European road network (TERN), whether they are at the design stage, under construction or in operation. 

Road safety audit

  • Construction of a new road or (thorough) redevelopment of an existing road.
  • Independent systematic check for potential road safety problems covering all the stages of the project from planning to early operation, so as to prevent road accidents and reduce the risks for road users.

Four stages can be distinguished:

  • stage 1 = draft design stage;
  • stage 2 = detailed design stage;
  • stage 3 = pre-opening stage;
  • stage 4 = early operation stage.

Road safety inspection

  • Existing road.
  • Independent systematic field check of an existing road (section) with a view to recording or eliminating hazardous situations, defects or inadequacies that may cause serious accidents.

Projects and training

BRRC participated in Pilot4Safety.In cooperation with the Ghent University, BRRC has set up a training course for road safety auditors. The course was first given from February through June 2013 and was repeated in 2014-2015. More details can be found here.