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Standards support office (“NAN”)

With support from the Belgian Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs, Middle Classes and Energy, BRRC operates a standards support office that goes by the acronym “NAN”. The object is to inform SMEs in the road branch and make them aware of developments in the field of standardization and, where necessary, to offer them additional support in implementing new standards (which are often mandatory).


BESTUFS I et II (Best Urban Freight Solutions)

Areas of Expertise (1)


The Mobility Division participates in the international thematic experts network BESTUFS, which aims at exchanging information, carrying out research and disseminating results in the field of urban goods transport. This network was initiated by the Directorate-General Energy and Transport of the European Commission.
The various reports published by this network are available on

Pedestrian facilities manual of the Brussels Capital Region

The pedestrian facilities manual of the Brussels Capital Region offers technical support to all actors involved in the improvement of road infrastructure and the promotion of walking in Brussels.

Pedestrian pavements in the pedestrian facilities manual of the Brussels Capital Region

As part of the 2010-2014 master plan for pedestrian traffic in the Brussels Capital Region, a manual has been prepared for the improvement of pedestrian facilities. The first part of this manual deals with pedestrian pavements, and BRRC was mandated to draft this part. It describes the fields of application and the specific features of laying and maintenance of the various paving materials used on pedestrian routes. The environmental aspects involved are discussed as well.

Guide of good practice for cycle infrastructure in Wallonia

There are many reference books on cycle infrastructure. As a result, local and regional planners sometimes appear to be inundated with information and find it difficult to select the solution that best fits their specific situation.
Moreover, the legislation in force for cyclists is manifold, complicated and constantly amended. The Belgian highway code and road managers’ code gather all the legislation on road traffic as a whole, in which it is sometimes difficult to find the required “cycle” information quickly.