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Structural analysis

A road is more than just a trafficked surface; there is a whole structure underneath. A road structure is usually composed of a subgrade soil, a subbase, a base, and a surfacing. Each course has a specific function: frost resistance, drainage, bearing capacity, etc.


Construction Products Regulation and role of the declaration of performance

Construction Products Regulation (CPR) (EU) No 305/2011 has been fully applicable since 1st July 2013. It has definitively replaced Construction Products Directive (CPD) 89/106/EEC. With this new regulation the European Commission (EC) intends to clear up a number of persistent misunderstandings arising mainly from confusion with other directives which also underlie CE marking.


About "Asset management"

Areas of Expertise (1)


Asset management is an Area of Expertise of the Belgian Road Research Centre (BRRC). In this section the following (sub)themes are dealt with:

Road Condition Surveys


Road management

Road network management is not limited to the more technical aspects of the contruction, maintenance and repair of a given number of roads. Other considerations involved in the management of a road network include the available annual budget, the share-out between road maintenance and (re)construction, the safety and comfort of road users, mobility, noise annoyance, environmental preservation, aesthetic aspects, sociological impact, etc.