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The TRID database, the ultimate search tool for transport experts

TRID [TRB Database & ITRD Database] is the largest and most complete documentary resource in the world for searching information in the field of transport

European test methods for bituminous mixtures and binders: improvements for sustainable development

L’objectif de ce projet de deux ans (1/10/2012 – 30/9/2014), subsidié par le NBN, était de continuer à développer et à améliorer les méthodes d’essai européennes qui tombent dans le domaine de travail des comités de normalisation européens CEN TC227/WG1 (pour mélanges bitumineux) et CEN TC336/WG1 (pour liants).

The valorization of recycled and secondary materials

Using raw materials and energy economically helps to achieve sustainable road construction. As an alternative to consuming primary raw materials – which are mostly not renewable and, therefore, limited in supply and availability – secondary raw materials can be employed. These are materials used previously in an infrastructure or in some industrial process or product, which are considered as wastes when reaching the end of their service lives.


Construction Products Regulation and role of the declaration of performance

Construction Products Regulation (CPR) (EU) No 305/2011 has been fully applicable since 1st July 2013. It has definitively replaced Construction Products Directive (CPD) 89/106/EEC. With this new regulation the European Commission (EC) intends to clear up a number of persistent misunderstandings arising mainly from confusion with other directives which also underlie CE marking.