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6th European FWD User Group Meeting – Structural Condition Assessment

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On 10 and 11 June 2010, the Belgian Road Research Centre hosted a seminar devoted to the FWD (Falling Weight Deflectometer) and Structural Condition Assessment.


Road management

Road network management is not limited to the more technical aspects of the contruction, maintenance and repair of a given number of roads. Other considerations involved in the management of a road network include the available annual budget, the share-out between road maintenance and (re)construction, the safety and comfort of road users, mobility, noise annoyance, environmental preservation, aesthetic aspects, sociological impact, etc.


Tools for road managers (for an objective and rational comprehensive approach to road management) – BRRC Synthesis F48/14

Several actors are in charge of constructing and maintaining road infrastructure. They may be regions or municipalities, but also managers of specific facilities such airfield strips, port areas, industrial areas, etc. All of them, however, are faced with the same challenges raised by ageing infrastructures, ever increasing traffic loads, and budget restrictions.

The quality of road infrastructure is important to all actors, but is perceived in different ways:

Quality control of earthworks and (sub)base layers

Both at the European and the global level, exchange and work structures are developing that foster technical progress in earthworks and earthmoving projects. They promote:
- a coordination of practices (establishment of standards institute);
- greater participation in research at the European and global levels;
- the scheduling of conferences for exchanges between professionals.

Sectoral operator: E396 Earthworks

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In 2009, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) decided to form a technical committee TC 396 Earthworks .

This committee is to prepare European standardization in the field of earthworks.

It is working on the following topics (each representing a separate part of the future standard):

Characterization of bound and unbound granular materials

Using secondary granular materials for (sub)base layers helps save on natural resources and transport costs and avoids expensive run to spoil.


Assistance to the profession is one of the pillars of our activities and takes several forms, including technical assistance.
Technical assistance is reserved to our members.
It is free of charge for accountable members (road contractors) and for road-managing authorities.
It is charged at the prevailing rates to adherent members.

New website

BRRC has recently launched its new website. The well-known address, www.brrc.be, has conveniently been preserved.
The updated and completed texts have been fully translated into English, as a complement to the traditionally available French and Dutch versions.
The concept of the site is daring, since its content is not presented primarily in the form of a conventional tree structure.



Central office

Owing to renovation works, the staff of BRRC’s central office at Woluwe has been moved temporarily (May 23, 2015 through March 2016) to an office building on Avenue Van Becelaere 2, 1170 Brussels.

The postal address of the central office remains Boulevard de la Woluwe 42, 1200 Brussels. All correspondence is forwarded to the temporary address.  Accessibility by telephone remains unchanged.

Measurement of surface permeability in situ: double ring test

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This test is used to determine the permeability of a water-permeable structure in situ. The apparatus consists mainly of two rings (Ø. 50 and 70 cm), a continuous water supply unit and an automatic system to maintain a constant water level.